Coaching by Pro Triathlete Chantal Cummings

I have been a triathlon coach since 2012 when I ran a triathlon coaching and holiday business straight out of University. Over the years I have developed my coaching both through experience around others coaches, British Triathlon Coaching Qualifications and as an athlete myself including the move from age-group to Professional ranks. I often explain to new athletes that I have cherry picked elements from all of my experiences of coaching techniques to provide what I feel works for the time crunched individual who wants to set their own challenges, to those who want to push their abilities to the next level.

How does it work?

Coaching is run through an online training platform called TrainingPeaks which gives you an easy and accessible view of your week’s training set by me via an app on your phone or web on desktop. It also allows you to go about your everyday life flexibly fitting in training as and when suits you best without having to worry about being in a certain place at a specific time. My coaching has always been about putting you at the centre and creating the right training setup individual to you to make the most out of your training time. My athletes like me to fit my coaching around them so I operate on a very individual basis when it comes to the amount of contact that you would like and how much time you can commit to your training. Book a no obligation initial chat by dropping me a note on

What is included in the Monthly package?

Free Premium TrainingPeaks Account

Full Support

Race Plans

No Setup Fees

Contact on your terms

Weekly Custom Training Plan

Advice on Racing

Guidance on Nutrition for both Training and Racing

No Minimum Sign up Period

Training Plan Amendments

All of the above from £160 per month

Individual Discipline Coaching

I have predominantly coached triathletes over the last decade but along the way I have also coached athletes in an individual discipline. There have been a couple of athletes train to compete in Haute Route cycling events, and others who have wanted to run a half marathon or marathon. I use the same principles in my coaching no matter what the focus is and adjust accordingly to allow you to pursue the aims you have. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss this in more detail

You can also get in touch with me on social media

Chantal has been an amazing coach over the past 2 years, helping me achieve personally unimaginable  goals in standard and middle distance triathlons, and half and full marathons. She’s attentive and adaptable, and provides tough but reassuring guidance on all aspects of training from technique and equipment, to psychology and motivation.


What has kept me hooked on Chantal’s coaching for 7 years are her meticulous attention to detail and versatility in tailoring the weekly plans. I quickly learned to implicitly trust her judgement. Chantal seems to get it right even when I wonder why I am asked to follow a specific plan. She does this with a disarming non judgmental coaching style. It’s a style I admire as it gives me an ease to negotiate the training I love to do around my busy working week and weekends.

Chantal is also punctual and a perfectionist. Attributes that make her a rising star on the triathlon scene and a realist coach.